The “All Action” CRO Audit and Roadmap

Are you sitting on a pile of data, research, opinions, and ideas to improve your client’s website – but lacking an actionable plan?

UX audits typically give a laundry list of suggestions, and they all sound great, but how do you know which ones to implement, which ones to test, and which ones to ignore? User testing will point to a ton of possible improvements, but which ones will have true business impact and which ones are just, like, someone’s opinion?

When it comes to serving your clients Conversion Rate Optimization, the best plan is the plan you can act on right away.

After all, pointing out flaws in your client’s site only strains the relationship

They don’t want to hear that their menu is unusable, or their mobile experience is frustrating – they want to hear your plan to improve their site, their conversion rate, and their bottom line.

The “All Action” CRO Audit and Roadmap is exactly that, and nothing more

You’ll get a thorough site usability audit and analytics survey. It’ll point to the best opportunities for A/B testing and optimization. But most importantly, it won’t waste your time, or your client’s.

The All Action CRO Audit and Roadmap focuses on two types of issues:

  1. “Just fix it” – These are fundamental usability issues that aren’t worth wasting resources to test. Put these improvements into the development queue and start reaping the benefits of improved performance and UX immediately.
  2. “Test this first” – These are aspects of the site layout, functionality, and messaging that have a high probability of yielding increased conversions as well as improved insights into visitors’ mindset. They’re prioritized by probable impact. The roadmap states clearly what to test, what to measure, and how to act on the results.

… But this client is special.

Of course. Maybe the home page hero image is off limits because the CEO designed it herself. Maybe all copy changes have to go through legal, so improvements to UI and functionality are easier to move on.

So what good is a 40 page UX audit or user testing summary that points to these aspects of the site? Either you’re stuck editing them out yourself, or you risk making the client feel like you’re not listening to them.

We’ll give you an actionable, data driven, research backed testing plan that’s customized to your client’s unique situation. You’ll look like a rockstar. Like a nerdy, highly organized rockstar … with excellent listening skills.

Demonstrate expertise

You’ll look like an expert. You’ll be an expert. And it won’t take months, or weeks, or days.

Add your agency’s branding to this slideshow, review the notes, check some of the references. Then jump on a call and let the client know you’re ready to take action.

What it looks like

(Sample roadmap, details redacted 🙂
(Sample test slide)

The Action Satisfaction Guarantee

Every audit and action plan comes with the Action Satisfaction guarantee. You’ll find it actionable, feasible, engaging, insightful, and you’ll be able to share it with confidence – or you get your money back. No questions asked.

Our Process

There’s no “secret sauce” here – just the experience of hundreds of successful launches, years of testing experience, and a maniacal attention to detail.

Phase 0: Analytics Roundup

  • What is the site’s KPI and how many conversions are there per month?
    • ☝️ This will determine testing capacity
  • What are the most visited pages? What’s the most common visitor path? Where does traffic fall off in the funnel? What devices and channels contribute to the most conversions?
    • ☝️ This points to where we should focus most of our efforts
      • For example, if 80% of traffic is Desktop, we’ll spend more time optimizing that experience
      • On the other hand, if traffic is split 50/50 between Desktop and Mobile, but Mobile conversions are significantly lower, we’ll spend more time on that experience

Phase 1: Best Practices / “Just Fix It” Audit

These are suggestions for improvements we’re highly confident about. You could test them, and some agencies would spend the first three months doing just that for the sake of “getting a win.”

This is not worth your time. The purpose of testing is (a) to gain visitor insights and (b) to de-risk potentially high-impact changes to the site. A test that “proves” fixing a broken form increases form submissions … is not a real test 🙄

Phase 2: Testing Roadmap

  • Plan 1-2 bottom-of-funnel tests
    • Work out the kinks with the testing platform and results analysis process
    • Get the team excited about testing
    • Hopefully improve conversions right out of the gate 🤞
  • Plan 3-4 “big swing” top-of-funnel tests
    • Test real estate (presence/absence and position of page elements), copy, design, and functionality
    • Run as many variations as traffic and conversions will support
    • Each test tells us which experience is optimal and where future tests should focus
      • For example, if the copy test has the highest impact, implement the winner and plan several more copy tests across the site

Options to suit your needs

  • Summary. Get the UX and analytics audit, “Just fix it” and “Test this first” recommendations, roadmap and action plan in a plain text email. Present it to the client in any format that suits you.
  • Detail. The same content as the “Text only” option, but in a Google Doc or Slides presentation, complete with screenshots, graphs, and a tabular roadmap. Use your company’s branded slideshow styling, and take it straight to your next client meeting.
  • Consultation. Get the resources from the “Detail” option along with a 30 minute video conference consultation. This call can be client facing if that’s helpful. Show up with an expert to show the client you’ve got this handled!

Get started

Since the All Action CRO Audit and Roadmap is customized to your agency and your client, the first step is to have a conversation.

Share your name and email address and we’ll be in touch to set up a call. Once we discuss requirements and get analytics access, it only takes a few days to get your audit.